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Spray Texturing

Ann Arbor Drywall offers different types of finishes and styles to add distinct style to your project.

The types most popular are:
1. Knock-down
2. Orange Peel
3. Popcorn

All of the above textures can be done in light, medium and heavy styles depending on your personal preference.

The process is accomplished by using an air compressor and a spray gun. All windows, doors, floors, and areas not to be textured, are masked for protection. The area of drywall to be treated is sprayed with the desired texture. The masking is then removed. The textured areas are then ready for paint.

Knock-down and Orange Peel are sprayed with thinned drywall compound and applied to a drywall surface that has been finish coated. Sanding is generally not required unless mud lines exist or you are attempting to blend this into an area that has been previously textured. Ann Arbor Drywall can usually blend an existing texture to your newly finished areas.

Popcorn texture is applied in the same manner, but with this texture a prime coat is applied first to the drywall before spraying instead of a finish coat. Color can be mixed to this product when it is applied or can be spray painted after application.

Textures are a great way to change the look and feel of a room or area. A couple of cautions with this process to keep in mind is that the process is dramatic, not easily removed, may be difficult to replicate the same exact texture at a later date, especially areas that are painted with a high gloss paint.