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Drywall Drop Ceilings

The perfect finish to any remodel project, especially basements, is the ceiling.

Left with no coverage, pipes, wires, cables and phone lines are exposed and leave the project looking unfinished. The wrong ceiling can ruin the overall impression of a remodel project. We recommend a drywall drop-ceiling for most applications.

The biggest objection to installing a drywall drop-ceiling is the issue of access to wires and pipes. Those same wires and pipes are covered up in the rest of your home – and how many times do you need to access to them? For any critical area that you feel needs access, we can provide a panel that is inconspicuous and provides easy access.

Drywall Drop Ceiling Benefits

  1. Higher Ceilings: With typical drop acoustic ceilings, you need at least 3 – 4 inches of clearance from the lowest point of obstruction to get ceiling tiles in place. Drywall drop-ceilings can be constructed to cover mechanicals in lower areas while still allowing for higher ceilings in the rest of your living space. This system is applied like an acoustic ceiling but with heavier gauge materials. Drywall is applied to the grid and finished like any other drywall surface. This system allows us to frame higher than an acoustic ceiling.
  2. Consistency: The look is less commercial and more like the rest of your home.
  3. Durability: Especially with homes that have young children. Drywall can withstand the abuse of flying sticks, balls, and toys better than traditional ceiling tiles.
  4. Lighting: You will achieve better light deflection than with an acoustic ceiling.
  5. Sound Suppression: sounds from above; especially from hard surfaces like tile or wood floors, can transfer easily to lower living spaces. These sounds can be largely suppressed by using various products before the final layer of drywall. This adds to the overall effect of transforming your basement into the additional living space with the privacy you desire.