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Drywall Finishing

Most interior finishes to drywall in this part of the country is a smooth finish. This consists of a three-step operation:

  1. Tape Coat
  2. Bed Coat
  3. Finish Coat

Additional finishes or textures are sometimes used on ceilings or walls to achieve a specific effect.

Other contractors usually tape and bed coat only before texturing. We believe in a full finish coat before texturing to help eliminate joints and seams that may show through with areas that are exposed to intense sunlight.

Ann Arbor Drywall uses top quality materials to insure that your project looks as good as possible with minimal settling issues. Some of the products that we use include a wide range of Trim-Tex materials such as Magic Corner for off angles and Cathedral ceilings. These materials allow for some movement without cracking – eliminating the need to refinish and repaint as building materials settle.